Remembering 1977

How much things cost in 1977

Yearly Inflation Rate: 6.5%
Year End Close Dow Jones Industrial Average: 831
Interest Rates Year End Federal Reserve: 7.75%
Average Cost of new house: $49,300.00
Average Income per year: $15,000.00
Average Monthly Rent: $240.00
Cost of a gallon of Gas: 65 cents
Cost of a stamp: 13 cents
Cost of a bikini: $9.00
Cost of a new BMW 320i: $7,990.00
Cost of a new Renault Gordini: $6,998.00
Cost of a 5-inch portable TV: $147.00

Some of the bigger news stories of 1977

January 20th: Jimmy Carter takes office as the President of the United States
January 21st: The first commercial Concorde flight flew from London to New York in 3 1/2 hours' time
March 10th: The Rings of Uranus were discovered (and we all laughed...)
May 25th: "Star Wars" opened in cinemas to record-breaking lines
May 31st: Student leader Stephen Biko "dies in custody" in South Africa
June 5th: The first Apple II computers went on sale
July 13th: New York City blackout (lasts 25 hours)
August 16th: Elvis Presley died at age 42 from a heart attack
August 15th: The US returns the Panama Canal to Panama
November 19th: Egypt's President, Anwar al-Sadat, visits Israel

Academy Award winners

Best Picture: Rocky
Best Actor: Peter Finch, Network
Best Actress: Faye Dunaway, Network
Best Supporting Actor: Jason Robards, All the President's Men
Best Supporting Actress: Beatrice Straight, Network
Best Director: John G. Avildsen, Rocky
Best Documentary: Harlan County USA
Best Foreign Language: Black and White in Color (Ivory Coast)

Top songs of 1977 (from Ultimate Class Rock)

1. "Go Your Own Way" Fleetwood Mac
2. "Like a Hurricane" Neil Young
3. "What's Your Name?" Lynyrd Skynyrd
4. "Running on Empty" Jackson Browne
5. "Hotel California" The Eagles
6. "Deacon Blues" Steely Dan
7. "Dreams" Fleetwood Mac
8. "Sweet Talkin' Woman" ELO
9. "We Will Rock You" Queen
10. "Black Betty" Ram Jam